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Tommy 50cc 2016

I ordered this bike and it arrived at my door 3 days later on time. I really like the look of the scooter and it actually looks quite well made for the price. I bought this to get myself to college and as I am only 16 I can only ride a 50 cc scooter and it only does 30 mph. I have been told you can easily de-restrict these bikes, but that it makes it illegal for me to ride , dam it. Anyway its a lot of fun to ride and it saves me having to get on a bus, its also brilll on juice. I have done about 1500 miles so far its never let me down. It will not need an MOT for three years so I've got no worries there as I only plan on keeping it for 2 years. I have seen the second hand Direct Bikes Scooters fetching good money on ebay, so when I sell it I should get a good chunk of my money back. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

* Joshua, Brighton *




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